Tatjana Pieters

Devoted to exhibition making and the importance of contemporary art within a social framework,
I chose to open a museum space in the peripheral context of Ghent instead of the more expensive Brussels.
In collaboration with the young designer Pieterjan Deblauwe I transformed a 400 m2 ground floor of a former
warehouse in the industrial area of Ghent into a monumental space that could integrate the professional
requirements suitable to the long term representational function & ambition of the gallery.
From there I further developed 4 interchanging missions:
To offer a platform to and guide artists at an early stage of their career and function as a ‘catalyst’ both on an intellectual and strategic level.
To introduce new and overlooked positions.
To present curated and self-curated exhibitions.
And to support artists on a longer term.
I currently run the gallery with my wife and artist Marijke De Roover